Hello and a warm welcome!

I’m Emily and the owner of Lovely Brushly.

I’ve been passionate about art from a young age and have been painting and drawing from the age of ten – I took inspiration from my grandad as a child, who also shared a deep affinity for art.

Upon receiving an art book gifted from my grandad, I began teaching myself drawing and painting techniques and loved being swept away in the creative process for countless hours.

Years went by and one day visiting Tate Britain I found myself yearning to paint again. I began painting in my spare time and found art as a sanctuary from my stressful science career.

Painting became my escapism, my own way of painting to unwind from the demands of everyday life.

Previously, during my time living in London, I’ve hosted as an artist for “Paint & Sip” workshops and loved witnessing the sheer delight when guests achieved something they never thought was attainable.

I have always found painting a calming pastime – an opportunity to fully embrace the present and switch off from the world for a while.

I wanted to share my passion with others and embrace the relaxing and joyful nature of creating art. Check out my artwork at @emilymascallart

Lovely Brushly workshops are invigorating and refreshing. Perfect for people of all skill sets – beginner or aspiring artist, you’ll be able to unwind, unleash your creativity and take home your own painting masterpiece at the end of the workshop.

We’ll guide you through the painting process in simple stages, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident as you paint.

Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind after a busy week, meet new people or spend quality time with friends and family, our painting workshops are the perfect way to take time for you and enjoy a peaceful, carefree creative experience.

See you there,